Career Path Finder Programme

What is this programme about?

Career Path Finder Programme is an online programme with 3 simple to follow modules. It will be delivered in 5 short videos including a bonus video and some PDF worksheets.

Once you register for the programme, these will be sent to your email inbox over the next 5 days, allowing you work your way through the programme enabling you to get the maximum benefit.

This programme is yours today for just €19.99.

On completion of this programme you will be offered a complimentary 45-minute Strategy session, worth €197 to help you on your journey in search for your dream job.

Yes, that is complimentary. You will receive 1:1 training and invaluable tips to move your career to the next level.

By completing this programme, you will:

Uncover 4 key elements that you want from your career

Identify the importance of you finding your ideal job/career

Identify 3 essential steps to finding your ideal career

What will be covered in this programme?

4 essential elements from your career

You will discover what a successful career looks like for you. Many people just know that they are not happy but are not clear what they want. Here you will identify 4 essential elements you want your career to provide for you. You will see that this reflects what you want from life in general.

The positive impact on you of solving your career challenges

We will examine why it is vital for you to take the steps to find your ideal job/career. We will discuss the negative impact on you and your health of not addressing your concerns. Life is for living and to be enjoyed. However, remaining unhappy I a stressful work situation can leave you stressed, unhappy and unfulfilled. However, by stepping forward and taking action you can have the joy in your life that you so desperately want.

3 key steps

We will look at 3 essential steps to take when facing the challenge of finding the right job or career. We will look at the importance of making a commitment to yourself. You will uncover why it is important for you to get help throughout the process. You will get to see how the whole process is like a journey. As with any journey, you need to be clear of your starting point. Next you identify where you want to go. It is only then that you can put your plans in place of how to get there.